The Kitchen


The kitchen of Chef Robin Vervenne showcases the best of world cooking traditions. Starting with a foundation of classical training from a renowned European culinary school, Chef Robin then traveled the world, visiting and cooking in more than 36 countries. In his dishes, Chef Robin starts with high quality ingredients, many of them locally sourced, and then highlights the best they have to offer.

Chef Robin draws from and combines various world cooking traditions. Using low-and-slow techniques such as smoking or sous vide water bath, which often rely on temperatures under 100°C, Chef Robin is able to highlight tenderness or infuse a special flavor. Savor these techniques at Pa’Lante in dishes such as our slow-smoked Pulled-Pork Croquettes or our fall-apart American-style BBQ Ribs.

To sear in flavor and create an incomparable texture, Chef Robin draws from hot-and-fast world cooking techniques. Pa’Lante’s kitchen features a kamado, a traditional Japanese carbon grill. Made of ceramic and in the form of an egg, this grill burns hot (over 300°C!) and constantly circulates the heat to ensure a delicious char free of any metallic taste.

Appreciate this char with Chef Robin’s Tuna Steak, perfectly seared but still pink and juicy in the center. Or enjoy the best of both low-and-slow and hot-and-fast with Pa’Lante’s incredible Secreto Ibérico, sous vided for hours for incomparable juiciness then finished on the kamado for the perfect exterior and touch of smokiness.

In addition to drawing from world cooking techniques, Chef Robin plays with traditional flavors and spices. By combining iconic traditional flavors in new and imaginative ways, Chef Robin creates sensational new experiences that delight the taste buds. Experience this playfulness with Pa’Lante’s Almogrote Asiana, a traditional Canarian cheese dip elevated with ginger, sesame, and other Asian flavors. Or try the Edamame Picante, which combines a simple classic Japanese snack with the flavors of spicy American dry-rub. Whatever dishes you choose, know that they were crafted through a love of quality ingredients and a passion for cooking.

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